Dr. Nutmeg

Dr. Nutmeg is a mad scientist who programs cyborg chics called “The Femmebots,” to attract the B-O-Yz, aka tech investors. She builds 6 prototypes based on goddess archetypes – the princess, the gypsy, the devil, the fairy, and finally, the mermaid, which has a search engine installed in her left brain. But is it enough to make Dr. Blank, a patent lawyer, invest in Dr. Nutmeg’s idea?

The Femmebots: Dr. Nutmeg from multimediadistrict on Vimeo.

Starring Carol Bruns as Dr. Nutmeg
Music mixed by Carol Bruns
Directors of Photography: Angela Pinaglia, Chico Almendra
Grips: Diana Canzi, Angeli Gabriel
Location by Bozzuto Properties.
Written/Directed/Edited by Melanie Feliciano, for American University Film & Video MA thesis