The Femmebot

A woman grieving the loss of her home attempts to occupy the vacancy in her mind.
Written and Directed by Melanie Feliciano (MA 2014 American University Film & Video), the piece is a self-portrait and commentary on Miami’s real estate bust, circa 2008-2014.

Cast & Crew: Mike Morgan, Carol Bruns, Sonia Herrero, Adrian Loving, Dey Brown, Jennifer Nieves, Angela Pinaglia, Chico Almendra, Christina Pamies, Prashanth Bhat
Location: Park Place by Bozzuto Properties in Washington, DC
Music borrowed from Supreme Beings of Leisure with the hopes more musicians will hire our crew in DC to create their music videos.

Self-Portrait, 16:9, 1280×720, digital pixels on black screen, 2008-2014