Animation Workshop

For this workshop we will be using Adobe Character Creator. It’s a step up from Vyond, which is what we were using in our early days of animation workshops, remember?

  1. Choose a character – for this lesson we won’t be customizing characters. Why? Because it takes too long and it’s more complicated than other types of software – just ask Belle, who uses Flip a Clip and Gocha Life, which make character creation SUPER FUN and EASY, however, you can’t add voiceover.  That’s why we are trying Adobe Character Creator, which lets you make animated characters with your face and voice in a webcam. It comes with some cute built-in characters, who we will use today to create a 15-second animation. Some of your choices are:

    – he is just a head, but totally functional if your message is simple.Chloe – she has a full body, and was perfect for experimenting with my Super Gringa character, who teaches Spanish to kids.

    Red Monster
    – he is very expressive and fun.Rin – anime style character with brown hair, very cute.Sebastian – anime style character with purple hair.

    Tull – he is an expressive blue cat ready to say what you want to say.

    Dr. Applesmith – he looks like he knows everything about coronavirus…so if your message is about public health, he might be your perfect puppet.
    – is a ball. A soccer ball. He should have a British accent. Or maybe he speaks Brazilian Portugues. And maybe he doesn’t like so much being kicked around. You decide what a soccer ball would want to say.

    Thorne – he looks like a blue caveman. He is very grouchy.

  2. Exporting each 15-second animation and converting to an mp4 takes 5-10 min. Do you know what an mp4 is? Do you know what an mp3 is?
  3. Post to Instagram with hashtags so people can see your creative artwork!