The Femmebots @91 Broadway

The Femmebots @91 Broadway is an animated comedy series about a gang of female robots living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn one year in the future. The Femmebots raised $9,329 on Kickstarter in September 2017 to produce 7 episodes, which we released in December 2017. Now we are re-packaging and pitching the series to networks.

Title: The Femmebots
Creator: Melanie Feliciano
Format: 3-minute animated comedy series


The Femmebots are a gang of pink robots racing to build the next successful app before their biological clocks tick tock out of TIME. Designed and programmed by the narcissistic mad scientist billionaire Dr. Nutmeg, the Femmebots have no idea they were created to replace humans in the workforce every two years. Before they expire, the Femmebots do all they can to survive the next economic cycle…but they always end up on Dr. Nutmeg’s therapy couch for malfunctioning robots.


Williamsburg, Brooklyn, one year in the future, has been taken over by Femmebots living in apartments converted into hacker houses. Every economic cycle, which lasts two years, teams of Femmebots compete against the Brobots of Silicon Valley to build the latest and greatest mobile app. If they fail, they end up back at Dr. Nutmeg’s Factory for an upgrade. Dr. Nutmeg, who builds and re-programs the Femmebots, watches over their progress via Livestream from the comfort of her Factory in New Jersey.


Dr. Nutmeg is a mad scientist who builds and re-programs Femmebots in her Factory in Newark, New Jersey. Dr. Nutmeg became wildly successful and the 7th female tech billionaire to grace the cover of Big Bucks Magazine. Her net worth started to compete with Oprah’s when she began a talk show for malfunctioning Femmebots called “Turing Test.”

The Brobots came from factories in the Midwest where they were programmed to believe they would would get rich quick while guzzling cheap beer, working out (even though their hardware does not change) and doing many lines of code with Femmebots at underground tech parties in Williamsburg.

Dr. Blank is a Burning Man regular searching for investments that will fulfill his spiritual appetite for “doing good.” He thinks of himself as a conscious capitalist, but he is actually a douchebag finance guy whose speech does not match his actions.

Nerd Boy is a serial entrepreneur who has invented a slew of successful apps. He has a fetish for Femmebots. He enjoys taking them apart and putting them back together again, like he did with legos when he was a kid.

Prince White Rice is a slightly Autistic pilot who has had a bit of success financially and wants to get in on this whole tech thing. But tech ultimately scares him.

Russian Troll Farmers are an underground group of punks who can hack into any operating system to sabotage any campaign in the Media War Zone.

The Media War Zone is a virtual representation of Times Square. Bots inside the battleground can shoot Tweets, stream live unconscious bias, and post animated gifs and boomerangs.

Season 1
Femmebot 7.0 thinks she is a human woman when she is the latest Femmebot on Dr. Nutmeg’s therapy couch. She complains about the new tech culture that has gentrified her family’s neighborhood in Williamsburg @91Broadway. And she blames the failure of her GETKnockedUp app on Russian Troll Farmers.

Episode 1: Virtual Reality
Femmebot 7.0 ends up at Dr. Nutmeg’s Factory after experiencing a MeltDownLoad.

Episode 2: Turing Test
Dr. Nutmeg introduces Femmebot 7.0 as the latest guest on her talk show Turing Test.

Episode 3: Exit Strategy
Femmebot 7.0 flashes back to the launch party of a new dating app that exits Femmebots from the dating scene.

Episode 4: Prince White Rice Swipes Right
After kissing many Brobots, Femmebot 7.0 finds the perfect match…until he loses interest and moves on to the next “idea.”

Episode 5: Tech & The City
Femmebot 7.0 discovers the bugs in the dating app when she tries a new kind of “API.”

Episode 6: The Factory
Femmebot 7.0 explains her understanding of The Factory to Dr. Nutmeg.

Episode 7: Mofongo
Dr. Nutmeg decides if she will give Femmebot 7.0 an upgrade to 8.0.


Special thank-yous to all our Kickstarter funders, Kerri Sohn and 2293 Productions in Bushwick, Angello Pizarro (Queens), Andrew Conklin (Washington, DC), Genevieve Chavira (Bed Stuy), Jacklyn Laryea (Washington, DC) and Clara Ibarra (Williamsburg) for supporting production and post-production of The Femmebots. Also, thanks to for The Femmebots theme song, “You Were My Robot Lover,” by the band Quiet Music for Tiny Robots.

BOTs in the Newz
The time is so ripe for The Femmebots in lieu of the #metoo campaign, the Facebook data scandal and AI becoming such an ingrained part of our culture – and challenging our spiritual wellness in ways TV did when it first hit the market in the 20th century.
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Future Seasons:

Femmebot 2.0 thinks she is an old traveling gypsy when she ends up on Dr. Nutmeg’s therapy couch. Once fluent in many languages, including PHP, love and Spanish, she has forgotten them all. She blames the failure of her Streetcred app on homeless people who aren’t interested in living in virtual shelters.

Femmebot 6.0 thinks she is a mermaid when she finds herself on Dr. Nutmeg’s therapy couch. She is vain and uses her sexuality to negotiate deals as she builds an app called Datable, a matchmaking platform for Femmebots and Investors.

Femmebot 1.0 thinks she is a princess when she ends up on Dr. Nutmeg’s therapy couch. She believes a prince will rescue her someday and she will live happily ever after. Her belief leads The Femmebots to build PrinceFinder which gets hacked by #MeThree feminists.

Femmebot 3.0 believes she is an accountant and lawyer when she ends up on Dr. Nutmeg’s therapy couch. She takes the opposite point of view on everything and only cares about money and power. It is very difficult for her to work with anyone else because she is only self-interested which leads to the demise of her Augmented Reality app for real estate agents.

Femmebot 4.0 thinks she is a fairy when she ends up on Dr. Nutmeg’s Therapy couch. She is always agreeable and happy and loves to please others which is why her Homewrecker app for Mistresses fails.

Femmebot 5.0 believes she is a witch with magical powers when she lands on Dr. Nutmeg’s therapy couch. She loves to connect the dots and imagine the future with drawings and pictures, but these skills lead to the failure of her Boob Tube app.