The Multimedia District is a the virtual reality address for  Dr. Nutmeg’s Femmebots, a gang of international techies and artists who produce animation, video, music, web sites, graphics, events, workshops and mobile apps for organizations, schools and companies around the world.

In our Projects section, you’ll see more than 10 years of collaborations with independent organizations like Kwest On Media, Ethical Markets2293 Productions, Constant Movement Cinema, Conkuer, and Well Written Consulting.

Melanie Feliciano – creative director
I am a traveling techie storyteller performance artist. Some people know me as “Femmebot” (cuz I have Google for brains). A few know me as “Virtual Gypsy” (constantly moving from wifi to wifi connection). But right now, I am based in Orlando cuz it’s where my fam is.


Marie Marconnett – actress, DJ, sound designer, economist
I have been known to carry an inflatable unicorn in my luggage. I was once named “sexiest economist” in a magazine.  I am based in Berlin because apparently this is where all the cool kids like me congregate at the moment.


Sonia Herrero – Audio Engineer for TV-Film-Radio
I am a belly dancer. I am a musician. I do a lot of corporate stuff to pay the rent, but eventually I will leave Washington, DC and start touring with my band. My sister Sofia has also been featured in a MultiD production, “The Femmebots @91Broadway.”


Angello Pizzarro – actor, writer
Some people know me as Soul Armada.  I served in the military before becoming a poet. And then an actor. I write really funny dialogue and I can do great accents. Probably because  I am based in Brooklyn where the whole world is represented.


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