Multimedia District Services

Contact us to create your customized social media marketing strategy. We create videos, web sites, original web series content, and even animated gifs to post on your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook feeds. Click on the links below to see previous examples of our work.

A typical Multimedia District user journey

Phase 1: We build or redesign your website
Phase 2: We drive traffic to your website with video content and/or social media
Phase 3: We provide weekly and monthly metrics to understand your new traffic
Phase 4: We convert your new traffic into followers and customers

Web Design

  • 1-month to 6-month contracts
    Design – Our team creates a custom look just for you
    Architecture – We customize your Web site on WordPress or Drupal or Squarespace
  • Ongoing
    Content Management – We keep your web site updated with original content we write or produce, or the content you provide, however often you need

Social Media Marketing


Video & Animation

  • 3-month to 12-month contracts to produce an original live action or animated web series to promote your brand or product
  • Pre-production
    • Research/Interviews
    • Script writing
    • Fundraising
  • Production
    • Storyboard
    • Location scouting
    • Casting
    • Shooting
  • Post-production
    • Video editing