Super Gringa

Title: The misAdventures of Super Gringa
Creator: Melanie Feliciano
Format: 22 minute animated comedy series

A manic pixie dream girl buys a one-way ticket to a different country every week to solve their socio-economic and cultural problems…until the media spotlight has moved on.

Donna Lizzy is an American woman obsessed with watching TV news and talks at it with all the answers to the problems in each report. Misappropriation of funds? She’s got it covered. Overflowing landfills? She’s got the solution. In a flash of American-style desire to defeat evil, she assembles a superhero outfit with cape, boots and hula hoop (a makeshift version of her number-one hero Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth), and heads to the uncivilized lands outside the U.S., only to find out her “super” powers are useless. We never are quite sure if our protagonist is deluded, and thus thinks she’s a superhero, or just “super” Gringa. As her misadventures proceed, we realize there might be a method to her madness. She’s crazy… Like a fox!


Donna Lizzy is a lifeguard at the YMCA in her regular life, but when she goes home and watches the TV news, she becomes Super Gringa and flies off to a different time zone to solve the problems of the world.

Super Gringa looks like a superhero with a cape and tights, but she is really just “super” ignorant and unaware of cultures outside of the US. She is a representative of Americans who do not get passports, and who continue to think their country is “#1!!!”

The Gringoleiro is the expat who invariably shows up to assist Super Gringa through the cultural obstacles of each country, while simultaneously trying to get in her pants.


Pilot: Brazil and the Poisonous World Cup
When Super Gringa hears a news report about all the problems Brazil is facing as it prepares for the World Cup, she heads to the land of the “Amazons” to help them get it together. But after meeting the Gringoleiro and drinking too many shots of cachaca, she loses her way.

Season 1

Episode 1: CopA de Veneno | World Cup of Poison

Episode 2: The Gringoleiro | Trocar Ideas

Episode 3: The Bambole of Truth & Desire

Commercial: In Search of the Kombasa Shake Shack

Starring: Rita Carelli (Super Gringa)
Charles Kingsbury (The  Gringoleiro)

Writer: Lamar Furbanks
Editor/Illustrator: Saulo Frauches
Director/Producer/Photography: Melanie Feliciano


Episode 2: Que loca essa Maria
Super Gringa is devastated by all the damage caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, so she flies there to restore power, only to be surprised that Puerto Rico is not a different country.

Episode 3
Super Gringa goes to India.

Episode 4
Super Gringa goes to Korea.

Episode 5
Super Gringa goes to China.

Episode 6
Super Gringa goes to Portugual

Episode 7
Super Gringa goes to Hungary.